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About Me

You are only a thought away

from changing your life - Dr Wayne Dyer

Sree Pazhyannur


Sreedevi Pazhyannur, affectionately known as Sree, received her training from the world-renowned Therapist, Author, and Speaker Marisa Peer. Is a certified RTT® Practitioner, Clyn Hypnotherapist, Coach and Mentor. 



Sree Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner.

I am dedicated to supporting and empowering others, am honored to guide you through your obstacles and help you live an Uncompromised life!

My passion for helping others thrive stems from my own journey of overcoming emotional and psychological hardships from a codependency relationship. 

Like most, I also sought conventional therapy, as there was no other option; constant poking of the wound and triggers left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 


After years of personal development and overcoming my own hurdles, witnessing the enduring suffering of others ignited an unwavering resolve within me to uncover a more effective, non invasive, holistic healing process.


It was through the discovery of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) that I experienced a profound shift towards authentic self-love and self-worth.


This pivotal moment not only revealed my purpose but also provided a solution i was seeking to address the deep-seated root causes of people's struggles.


My mission is to empower you to identify the root cause, swiftly release your pain, shatter destructive patterns, break the cycle so you and your loved ones can step into your full potential towards a happier fulfilled life!


Why Should You Work With Me?


​- Bringing together years of experience in helping people through various complex issues, I bring a comprehensive approach to not just help my clients overcome their challenges, but also equip them with the tools and strategies to achieve their desired outcomes and lead a fulfilling life.


-Years of background as a Social Worker specializing in family violence, combined with lived experiences and advanced training in Trauma, award winning therapy techniques, I offer a unique perspective and the ability to facilitate those coping with complex issues.


My background as an Early Childhood Educator equips me to support individuals of all ages and backgrounds, providing a distinctive and comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth.


-I hold your hand through the entire journey. 


-Connection with my clients is paramount to the work I do. Working with me is so much more than just addressing their presenting issue.

-Transform Your Life for the Better - No More Short-Term Solutions, Only Sustainable Change.

-I offer RTT® therapy online worldwide allowing my clients to receive world class therapy from the comfort of their own home.


-From the moment we connect, you will experience far more than just freedom from your issue, deep knowing that you are enough, self-love, self-esteem, confidence and lasting change in the way you think for life.

-Bust through the blocks and limiting beliefs that has been keeping you stuck.

-Clear other problem areas and manifest unexpected success.

 -RTT® is a hybrid model, offers a faster approach to freeing yourself from Physical, Emotional, or Psychological issues and breaking the cycle, do not require years of ongoing talk therapy. 

-Can prevent all sorts of unintentional damage to the relationships that mean the most to you, your well-being, including the legacy of inter-generational trauma.


-I Started my career as a preschool teacher over thirty years ago. -I went on to complete Graduate Certificate in Family Violence and as a social worker, I feel quite privileged to have an opportunity in supporting many clients over the years, advocating for them, empowering them, and supporting them along their journey. -Seeing my clients’ struggle while navigating their challenges endlessly inspired me to find a faster solution to breakfree from their emotional and psychological issues. So they can move forward. ​-It would save so many years of heart ache, well-being, relationship damages, break the cycle of inter-generational trauma, and not to mention the precious time lost, which you’ll agree you never get back. ​-Through my healing journey, I discovered RTT® therapy and was fascinated by its solution focused approach. I enrolled to study RTT® Therapy training and found my calling to help others resolve their issues quickly so they can live their best life. ​-My personal journey with RTT® has been transformative, as I have learned about the power of thoughts, rules of the mind, how to reframe my thoughts. ​-Thanks to RTT®, you can save a lot of precious time, money, and gift your best version to yourself, and your loved ones.

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