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Success Stories



Just before having my RTT session with Sree, I found myself in a very dark place, where many fears and anxieties were ruling my daily life.

I felt I was unable to breathe freely and did not see any hope for my future. With all the challenges I was facing, I had lost all confidence in myself and also with my faith.

During the RTT session, I could feel a shift happening in my body. I felt relaxed and at ease. It was a blissful feeling! In the days that followed, I found myself becoming more productive and more focused on the tasks that were previously bringing a heightened level of fear for me.

As I listened to Sree’s personalised audio designed to rewire my neural networks, I found that I was gradually starting to not doubt myself as much! The transformation for me was progressive over the 21 day period but so worth it. Currently I do not feel such a heaviness on my chest anymore and I have seen wonderful things come into my life.

Sree, made me feel so relaxed during the sessions. She is passionate about helping others and I felt that as she took extra interest in me over the period and still checks in on me. Sree also has the most calming and soothing voice that truly makes this therapy that much more potent. I am grateful to her for what she has done for me and my life.

I would definitely recommend RTT to anyone, as we all carry mental and emotional blocks from our past. With Sree as your therapist, you no longer have to be held back. You can live your best life.

Namita - South Africa

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