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What Does A RTT® Session Feel like?

RTT® experience may feel different for everyone. Most people say they just feel like they are in a very comfortable, relaxed state – like when you are daydreaming. The therapist uses specific techniques and knowledge to ask you series of questions while you are in this relaxed state. You are always aware and always in control.

How Long Does The Session Take?

Each RTT® session may last around Two hours. It’s recommended that you allow a bit of time either side of the session, so you don’t feel rushed.

What If I think I already know the reason behind my issue?

Any insight that you may have from your own analysis, and or from previous therapy can be helpful. However, if you knew all the answers perhaps you would have solved the problem.

RTT® is unique in that you get your answers from the subconscious mind about your old beliefs, and judgements. Many people are not even aware of the fact that these may be still affecting your thoughts and behaviour today. Try if you may, but No amount of conscious thought or analysis can assess this subconscious information.

When Will I Start To See Changes?

Changes can occur in three stages.

Some changes may be immediate, others cumulative (where you notice them over days, weeks, and months), and Some people don’t realise the full extent of the change until they look back retrospectively a while later, or someone else points it out to them.

What Is The Cost?

Payment varies depending on your specific requirements: Please contact me to discuss these and find out more.

Can You Guarantee Results?

With RTT® Thousands of people from all around the world have been successful in healing from their issues.

The growing success of RTT® is mainly down to word of mouth and referrals, which says a lot about the results achieved.

No professional can ever 100% guarantee their results (no Dr, Lawyer, Teacher, Engineer…) and unfortunately it is the same for therapies!

BTW, your commitment also plays a big part in the results. You must want to change and choose to change and be dedicated to this. You must commit to listening to your post personalised session recording for 21 days.

Please visit to my testimonials to see what my clients have said about me.  

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